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The Windsor Run Winery and Distillery was built in 2016. It is an 8000 square foot building divided into two areas. The wine production area includes 30 glycol jacketed stainless steel wine tanks, wine barrel storage, wine processing equipment, bottling room and production lab.

The other side of the winery houses the Distillery, tax paid case storage and room for group tastings.

In the distillery we have 2 “stills”. The original still is a 30 gallon pot still. We use this still for small runs to make high proof brandy.

The second still is a steam still. It has 2 – 150 gallon stainless steel tanks and a copper condensing pipe “the worm” in a wooden wine barrel filled with cold water. This still was built locally with plenty of local expertise. This is our main production still. It is run by filling tank #1 with part wine and part water and heating this up with a 195,000 BTU LP gas burner.

Tank #2 is usually filled with wine and some previously distilled spirits that we are looking to increase proof. Generally it takes about 4.5 hours of heat under tank #1 to get the first drops of brandy from the worm. We run this still between 8-9 hours at a time and it yields between 15-25 gallons of high proof brandy.

Blending & Bottling Distillery